Flavor Compounding

flavor compounding

Convincing a little child or your pet to take his or her medication can sometimes be very challenging. It is undeniable how some medicines can taste really bad or bitter. No wonder they seem unpalatable that children would readily recoil right after just seeing the bottle or tablet in front of them.

Sherman Pharmacy offers a solution for this predicament in the form of flavor compounding. Compounding allows the modification of drugs according to flavor, form, color and even ingredients. In this case, you can have the drug customized to ensure they will be taken without hesitation by the recipient, considering the latter’s unique needs, likes and dislikes.

Flavor Compounding can be made available to both adults and children.
Changing the flavor of the medication is by far one of the first recourse actions that compounding technicians often think of at first. The main advantage of this action is that it is relatively easier to do compared to swapping ingredients. As long as the pharmacy has the available flavors requested by the client plus the necessary tools, the entire process should come easily.

Flavor compounding is often indicated for pediatric clients. We all know how kids’ taste buds can behave. It is just so hard to control them when you know all kids can think of are sweets, sweets and nothing but sweets. Sherman Pharmacy has a wide variety of flavorings to choose from to match your little one’s favorites and preferences. Our choices can include chocolate, watermelon, bubble gum and many more!

Changing flavors can promote better regimen compliance and at the same time, reduce the occurrence of repulsive reactions such as nausea and vomiting. Flavors effectively mask the bitter taste of the medicines without affecting its potency and composition. Rest assured that our compounding technicians will do what it takes to guarantee your medication’s stability.

Flavor Compounding is also applicable to animals. 
We take care of our pets as we would our very own family members. To respect their rights, we make sure measures and treatments to promote their health are highly available. One of these would be the wide variety of medications, including compounding services.

Some animals like cats and dogs, and even your exotic pets just can’t stand the taste of their own medicines. Thus, we alter the flavors of these products to promote recipient compliance and healing. Unlike pediatric clients who love sweets, we match the tastes depending on the type of animal there is. Dogs and cats, for instance, would deeply appreciate a chicken-flavored drug.

Available flavors may include beef, cheese, liver and fish. We also offer sweeter ones like cherry, carrot and apple flavors for animals who love them such as horses. We work closely with a veterinarian to determine the common preferences of animals to enhance the efficacy of each product we give.